New Coworking space
near the seaside of


For Coworking

This coworking office called "Seikai-Gakuen" is available for coworkers at Katsura.


Yes, I want coworking.


people can use BBQ facilities to enjoy BBQ meal at the school ground.



Tell me more about BBQ!


Coworking space is suitable for studying, reading books, relaxing for yourself, work and others.
We have these facilities for your best performance during your progress.
Feel free to try them at anytime. These items will help your job.

Free snacks

Free drinks

Bring in food, drinks

Speedy Wi-Fi

Rental service



These rooms are waiting for you.
Feel free to choose your own room to get started.


This is the basic of our coworking room facility.
One desk and one chair with some power plugs around it.
It's available from ¥500 for an hour. The cheapest in Chiba's coworking facility.


Some users might want to use secretly.
No worries! There are some private rooms to protect your privacy.
This room costs the same as normal coworking fee.


Video conference room is available for people who contact with their office away from Katsura.
You can join their chat over internet and make some conferences.
100inch screen and the projector are ready at anytime. 


Background can be used as a parking lot.
Parking your car will cost ¥1,000 during the summer season. (July & August)
Full day users can park for free.


BBQ spaces are available at Seikai-Gakuen.
Have you ever dreamed of BBQ next to the seaside area?

Well, Seikai-Gakuen can make your dreams come true.
This will be your best BBQ in an abandoned school ground.



July 12nd, 2019 Parking reservation service started.

Ubara beach will be opened on 13th! We have started the parking reservation service.
Feel free to book the parking from here.


March 21st, 2019 GW schoolyard chartered service started.

We have stared to receipt the schoolyard chartered service for BBQ.
Please contact us when you reserve.


March 30th, 2018 Started our cloud founding

Inc. Paxi started our cloud founding using the CAMPFIRE and earned a lot of supports.
Thank you for your supprt.


March 15th, 2018 All chairs filled with HermanMiler’s Aeron chair.

We placed the Aeron chair from HermanMiller for all seats.
We responded to people who work on their chairs for a long time (Web creating, design and System engineer).
Let’s optimize your work with comfortable chair!



 This map guides you to our location.
This is the address.
142-2, Ubara, Katsura Shi, Chiba Ken, 299-5243, Japan